Living Life to the Fullest with Fragile X Syndrome


As a learning institute that focuses on helping individuals with developmental disabilities, we make it a point to assess and find solutions on how each of our future clients can make the most out of their capabilities; including those with Fragile X.

Fragile X syndrome is caused by a mutation of a single gene — FMR1 — on the X chromosome. It is inherited genetically but often unknowingly. Every person carries the FMR1 gene on their X chromosome. Once a mutation occurs, it can lead to intellectual disability, behavioral and learning challenges, and various physical characteristics.

To date, there is still no cure for Fragile X syndrome, but therapies and medications are prescribed to treat behavioral symptoms, such as sleep disorders, aggression, and poor eye contact.

Due to Fragile X affecting a person’s cognitive capabilities from mild to severe, they must receive and learn important life and survival strategies in order to live life comfortably and on their own terms.

As such, through culturally competent training, we at EDS Learning Institute make it a point to help our students learn how to provide sound life strategies for their future clients.

Our healthcare training programs are aimed at teaching students how to help families aid their loved ones with Fragile X. From prenatal to adult life strategies, students will be taught how to utilize resources and accommodate each family’s needs for professional assistance.

Through these life strategies, our students will know how to help people with Fragile X excel at school, find their preferred career, or as simple as learning daily activities.

If you are interested in changing lives in the future through correct behavioral care training, such as ABA training, then make sure to get in touch with us anytime!

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