Supporting Students with Autism in Remote Learning


In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many schools have transitioned to remote learning or a hybrid learning model. This change presents challenges for students, teachers, and parents alike. But when it comes to supporting students with autism in remote learning, it may be a little more complex.

There hasn’t been that much research on supporting students with autism as they begin online learning. However, we at EDS Learning Institute have gathered this list of useful resources and ideas to help parents and students transition to remote learning more smoothly.

  • Create Reasonable Expectations
    Transitioning from one learning model to another is difficult, especially for a child with autism. They might miss their teachers, friends, and old routines. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to explain to your child that this online learning setting is only temporary. This may help calm their nerves.
  • Recreate Their Normal Routine
    School provides students with consistent routines, and students on the spectrum thrive better when they’re on a schedule. You can improve your child’s online learning experience by setting and maintaining a schedule. Schedule when their day starts, ends, and add a couple of breaks in between.
  • Find the Right Learning Partner
    Working with a professional learning institute that has experience with teaching students on the spectrum will help you and your child adjust better to the new learning model. Check online for recommendations or ask other parents of children with autism for their suggestions.

We Can Help
We understand how challenging it is to care for a child with autism and other developmental disorders. Therefore, we are committed to providing our clients with professional ABA training services to help them assist individuals on the spectrum with their needs.

Contact us to learn about our healthcare training programs.

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