A Gene That Causes Neurodevelopmental Delays


Recently, a team of scientists from the UC Davis Mind Institute discovered a new gene that can cause severe delays in neurodevelopment. This new information could help us better understand and treat these disorders.

Led by UC Davis geneticist Suma Shankar, they discovered a new gene associated with a neurodevelopmental disorder called DPH5-related diphthamide deficiency syndrome. The syndrome is caused by variants of the DPH5 gene that can lead to birth defects or significant delays in neurodevelopment.

The project started after Shankar found a family with two children showing severe developmental disabilities or delays. The parents were related. After posting on the GeneMatcher website to find other families with DPH5 variants, the program identified two families in Massachusetts and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The investigation revealed specific DPH5 mutations in five children who had neurodevelopmental delays. The youngest was 11 days old, while the oldest was ten years old. Three females and two males. They had distinct head and face traits, severe impairments, cardiac issues, and feeding challenges.

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