Autism Risks in Children Who Have Relatives with Autism


An article from the National Institutes of Health shares that there is an estimated 3 to 5% autism risk for children whose parents have a sibling with autism.

Researchers discovered that in comparison to children whose father has a brother with ASD, a kid whose mother has a sibling with ASD is not substantially more likely to be affected by ASD. The results cast doubt on the female protective effect, which holds that women are more tolerant of ASD risk factors than men are, and so have a lower rate of Autism.

ASD is a complicated neurological and developmental disorder that affects how a person interacts with others, communicates, and learns. It usually manifests in infancy. According to earlier research, there are nearly three times as many males as females who have ASD. We don’t know what caused the discrepancy.

One possibility is that the genetic elements causing Autism are naturally resistant in females. According to the argument, many women could have these risk factors and not be impacted by them, but they could pass them on to their sons, who might not have the protective effect and end up with ASD.

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